Jul 12, 2020

“You can invent”

An impactful, transformative, and motivational talk by Praveen Vettiyattil.


The talk is part of a global movement to transform a million students into inventors by 2025. It’s an attempt to convince the audience of their power to make world-changing inventions. The talk contains lots of historical data, videos, demonstrations, and live demo of some of my energy saving inventions. 


The talk is aimed at attempting to transform school students into inventors through demonstrations, data, logic, historical data, videos, and actionable information. Lots of free resources that save time and money for inventors would be shared. Following topics will be covered:

  1. Why all of us are incredible inventors
  2. Speed of learning – baby versus research industry
  3. Walking, autofocus, pattern recognition, swimming, bicycling
  4. What a child thinks of himself
  5. Praveen’s inventions – Pedal Powered centrifugal pump, Pedal-powered water-lifting machine, and others
  6. Why all inventions are late? and how late?
  7. You Can Invent on social media
  8. How to use www.youcaninvent.org to save time and money while making a prototype
  9. Why innovate in engineering versus other domains
  10. How inventions support and expand the world economy
  11. Easy to innovate and not so easy to innovate areas
  12. Major Arab/Middle eastern inventors
  13. Great Women inventors
  14. Q & A